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Diet Plans and Superfoods

Get the scoop on popular healing diets such as the detox diet, raw food diet and more.
  1. Acai Berry Cleanse Diet Plan (3)
  2. Acid Reflux Diet Plan (7)
  3. Alkaline Diet Plan (4)
  4. Anti-Aging Diet Plan (9)
  5. Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan (7)
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Plan (3)
  7. Ayurvedic Diet Plan (11)
  8. Blood Type Diet Plan (2)
  9. Candida Diet (6)
  10. Detox and Cleansing Information (75)
  11. Diabetes Diet Plan (10)
  12. Diet Pills and Supplement Information (5)
  13. Food Combining Diet Plans (1)
  14. Gluten-Free Diet Plan (2)
  15. Healthy Recipes (19)
  16. Juicing Plan (4)
  17. Lactose-Free Diet Plan (5)
  18. Lemonade Diet Plan (2)
  19. Macrobiotic Diet Plan (3)
  20. Master Cleanse Diet Plan (3)
  21. Raw Food Diet Plan (3)
  22. Specific Carbohydrate Diet Plan (1)
  23. Superfoods (7)
  24. View More Diets (4)

Real Foods Diet
How to eat a diet based on real, unprocessed foods. Here are some simple ideas to help you get started.

Boosting Your Water Intake
Water is essential to good health, yet many of us struggle to drink even one glass a day. Do you have tips on getting enough water every day? Share your ideas with other About.com readers here and find out what other people do to stay hydrated.

Gerson Therapy
Get the lowdown on Gerson therapy, an alternative treatment said to boost immunity and fight cancer.

Choosing a Healing Diet That's Right For You
It is important to consider your health needs when choosing a diet. This guideline is meant to provide you with information about which diet is right for your health concerns and needs.

hCG Diet
What is the hCG diet? Why do people try it for weight loss? Are there any dangers and side effects?

Foods for Boosting Your Immune System
Stay healthy by choosing foods that help boost your immune system and stave off sickness.

The Swank Diet for Multiple Sclerosis?
Everything you need to know about the Swank Diet, a low-fat diet said to curb symptoms and boost health in people struggling with multiple sclerosis.

What is the Blood Type Diet?
Find out whether eating according to your blood type can help you slim down and fight off health troubles like heart disease and cancer.

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