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Healthy Recipes

Get the scoop on natural cooking methods, such as sprouting, juicing, fermenting, blending, and more.

How to Make Ginger Tea
Learn how to make hot ginger tea for improved digestion and circulation, and to ward off colds and flu.

Kapha Tea Recipe
A tea recipe that is said to be balancing for the kapha Ayurvedic type.

Pitta Tea Recipe
A tea said to be balancing for the pitta Ayurvedic type.

Vata Tea Recipe
A tea recipe made with ingredients traditionally used to balance the vata Ayurvedic type.

Ginger Ale Recipe
Ginger is a home remedy for nausea and motion sickness. This is a recipe for ginger ale.

Crystallized Ginger Recipe
A recipe for crystallized ginger.

Crispy Rice Treats
Recipe for crispy rice treats, from macrobiotic chef Jessica Porter, author of the Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics (Avery, 2004).

Couscous Salad Recipe
Couscous is made from semolina, a coarsely ground durum wheat that is the main ingredient in Italian pasta.

Peach and Blackberry Crunch Recipe
A tasty, warm weather peach and blackberry crunch recipe.

Gazpacho Soup Recipe
An easy recipe for gazpacho soup.

White Bean Hummus Recipe
A recipe for white bean hummus.

Best Food Sources of Antioxidant Vitamins
When it comes to antioxidant vitamin content, all foods are not created equal. A study published in a recent issue of the Journal of Nutrition analyzed the total antioxidant content of various fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals, nuts, and legumes.

5 Ways to Reduce Carcinogens in Well-Done Meat
Here are 5 ways to reduce carcinogens formed during the cooking of meat.

How to Make an Alkaline Broth
Learn how to make an alkaline vegetable broth for improved enzyme and cellular metabolism and general cleansing and detox.

Healthy Kitchen Equipment
Take a glimpse inside the kitchen of a health-conscious home chef and learn what equipment you need to make healthy cooking easier.

Ingredients for Juicing
Find out about some of the more popular juicing ingredients, such as kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, and apple.

Healthy Drinks
Patients often tell me that it is difficult to drink enough fluids throughout the day. They don't want to interrupt their work by getting up to fill their glass or go to the bathroom, or they just simply forget to drink. Learn what to drink and what to avoid.

Poached Red Snapper on Kale with Red Pepper Coulis
Get the recipe for poached red snapper.

Delicious Energy Shakes
Recipes for two smoothies, one including coffee and the other a banana almond smoothie.

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