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Select a quiz from this list of alternative health quizzes and see if you know as much as you think you do about your health.

Adrenal Fatigue Screening Quiz
The adrenal glands release stress hormones such as cortisol in response to stress. With chronic stress, the adrenals can become overtaxed, resulting in exhaustion, cravings, mood swings, weight gain, and eventually chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Take our screening quiz to determine whether you have symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Detox Screening Quiz
Health problems are worsened by processed food, coffee, trans fats, food allergies, chemicals, or harmful bacteria that can interfere with the optimum function of our cells, tissues, and organs. After a detox diet, many people feel mentally and physically rejuvenated and may even notice improvements in digestion, mental clarity, allergies, immune function, and energy.

Quiz: What's Your Concentration IQ?
"I'm getting so absent-minded and forgetful. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence, I . . . " - Milton Berle. Is your mind your worst enemy or do you have excellent powers of concentration? Find out with this easy 10 question quiz from Sam Horn, author of ConZentrate. Sam's books have received critical acclaim from Investors Business Daily, Chicago Tribune, and Readers Digest.

Does Your Multivitamin Measure Up?
When choosing a multivitamin, do you buy whatever is on sale that week? Do you take the same one as your spouse, kids or friends? Or do you buy the one the person at the health food store says is popular? There are so many multivitamins on the market that finding a good quality one can be confusing. Get your multivitamin bottle and take this quiz to see how if your multivitamin measures up.

Which Healing Diet is Right For You?
The metabolic typing diet, the macrobiotic diet, the Zone diet...there are so many diets out there, it can be hard finding the right one for your unique needs. This easy how-to guide will help you choose the right diet for your health concerns and needs.

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