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Autism - Specific Lab Tests


Updated September 13, 2013

Autism is a developmental disorder that usually appears in the first three years of a child's life, although it is sometimes diagnosed later. It is a condition that encompasses a wide continuum of social behavior, however the key features include impaired social interactions, impaired verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive and restricted patterns of behavior. A milder condition, related to autism, is Asperger's syndrome.

The following is a list of alternative medicine lab tests used to evaluate autism:

1. Toxic Metal Hair Analysis -- Metals such as lead and mercury are especially damaging to the neurological systems of children.

2. Allergy Testing -- Parents and caregivers of autistic children often report a worsening of symptoms after certain foods.

3. Amino Acids Analysis

4. Comprehensive Digestive System Analysis

5. Intestinal Permeability Test -- related to allergy testing, "leaky gut", also known as intestinal permeability, increases the likelihood of food allergies.

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