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Hair Loss Holistic Treatment

Find out about holistic treatment options for hair loss, including home remedies, herbs, supplement, diet, and therapies.

Can Biotin Help With Hair Growth?
Find out whether biotin -- a vitamin often recommended for thicker, fuller locks -- can help enhance your hair health and promote hair growth.

Natural Remedies for Alopecia Areata
Alopecia areata is a hair loss condition that causes the rapid onset of round patches of baldness. Here are three remedies that are being explored for this condition.

Can Saw Palmetto Stop Hair Loss?
Find out about the use of saw palmetto, an herb used primarily for men's health conditions, as an alternative treatment of hair loss.

One of the possible side effects of taking the supplement DHEA is hair loss. Learn more about DHEA.

Amla Oil for Hair Health

 Sourced from the Indian gooseberry, amla oil is a natural substance said to promote hair health.

Natural Hair Color Products

 Natural hair color products have become popular in recent years. Find out more about them.

Cedar Essential Oil for Alopecia Areata
Find out about a small study about an essential oil blend that may help with alopecia areata.


Bhringaraj Oil for Hair Loss?

An Ayurvedic remedy said to promote hair growth, bhringaraj oil is touted as a natural solution for hair loss and for alopecia areata.

Biotin Benefits, Uses and More
Learn all about the health benefits, uses, and side effects of biotin supplements.

Orthosilicic Acid for Healthier Hair?

Orthosilicic acid may help to boost hair health and increase hair thickness, according to a preliminary study. Find out more about it.

Supplement May Help Halt Trichotillomania?

N-acetylcysteine may help to tame trichotillomania, a condition marked by compulsive hair-pulling. 

Remedies to Reverse or Reduce Gray Hair?

 Find out about natural remedies that may help to reduce gray hair.

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