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Colds and Flu Holistic Treatment

Find out about holistic treatment options for colds and flu, including home remedies, herbs, supplement, diet, and therapies.

What is Oscillococcinum?
Here's a look at the science behind Oscillococcinum, a popular natural product used by people seeking to prevent or treat the flu.

Medicinal Mushrooms to Fight Colds and Flu
Found to fight off the flu virus in preliminary studies, medicinal mushrooms - such as shiitake, maitake, and reishi - may help boost your immunity this flu season.

Honey for Cough Relief?
Get the lowdown on whether honey can offer natural cough relief.

Can Vitamin D Keep You Cold-Free?
Can increasing your vitamin D levels help boost your immunity and ward off the common cold?

10 Remedies for the Common Cold
Here's a rundown of 10 of the most popular natural remedies for the common cold.

Flu Remedies
The flu, or influenza, is a viral illness that affects your respiratory tract. What are some of the more popular remedies for the flu?

Goldenseal: What You Need to Know
What is goldenseal? Why do people use it for colds and flu? What are the possible side effects and safety concerns?

Astragalus for Colds
Why do people use astragalus to prevent colds and flu? Find out more about this traditional Asian herb.

How to Make Ginger Tea
Ginger tea has a spicy, invigorating taste. It's used as a home remedy for indigestion, nausea, and to ward off colds, flu, and sore throats. Here is a recipe.

Eucalyptus Steam Inhalation
Eucalyptus steam inhalation is recommended by some alternative practitioners for relieving nasal congestion and sinus congestion, usually from colds and flu. Find out how it's typically done.

Cinnamon Tea Recipe
Cinnamon has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for a variety of health conditions from indigestion to colds. Here is a recipe.

Ephedra: What You Need to Know
What is ephedra? Why is it sometimes used for colds and flu? What is the regulatory status of ephedra? What are the possible side effects and safety concerns?

Natural Remedies for Sore Throat
Sore throats are one of the most common reasons why people see a doctor. These herbs are often used as natural remedies for sore throat.

Echinacea - Use or Not?
A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that echinacea doesn't prevent or treat colds. Get the scoop on this study.

Change of Season Soup
Change of season soup is an immune system tonic used in traditional Chinese medicine. Here is the recipe.

Herbal Rice Porridge Recipe
Congee (KON-gee) is a rice porridge commonly served for breakfast in China. In traditional Chinese medicine, astragalus is often recommended in the winter to prevent colds and flu. Here is a recipe for congee with astragalus.

Zinc for Cold Relief?
Get the lowdown on the cold-fighting effects of zinc supplements, sprays, and lozenges.

Strep Throat
Find out more about strep throat and whether there are good natural or homeopathic remedies for this condition.

Foods for Boosting Your Immune System
Stay healthy by choosing foods that help boost your immune system and stave off sickness.

Neti Pots
Long used in traditional Indian medicine, neti pots may help clear your nasal passages and relieve allergies, colds, and sinus infections.

An herbal remedy commonly known as "umcka," pelargonium may offer all-natural cold relief.

Natural Remedies for Post-Nasal Drip
Learn how to deal with post-nasal drip, a common condition caused by colds, flu, allergies, sinus infection, and other health troubles.

Natural Treatment for Cough Relief
Look to natural remedies for cough relief this cold and flu season.

Natural Treatments for Bronchitis
Herbs, teas, and essential oils may help soothe the sore throat and cough caused by bronchitis.

Sinus Congestion and Chronic Sinusitis
Get the scoop on remedies that may help to relieve chronic sinusitis and sinus congestion.

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