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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Remedies

8 Natural Pain Relief Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Updated June 25, 2014

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5) Yoga

Yoga can help to reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. A study by the University of Pennsylvania looked at the effectiveness of yoga for 42 people with carpal tunnel syndrome. People in the yoga group did 11 yoga postures twice weekly for 8 weeks and had a significant improvement in grip strength and pain reduction compared to people in the control group, who wore wrist splints.

6) Chiropractic

Chiropractic may help to reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and improve function. A study looked at chiropractic care vs. conservative care (ibuprofen and night-time wrist supports) in 91 people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Chiropractic care included manipulation of the soft tissues and body joints of the arms and spine, ultrasound over the carpal tunnel and night-time wrist supports. Researchers concluded that chiropractic was as effective as conventional care for carpal tunnel syndrome.

7) Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais is a form of movement re-education. People are taught individually or in group sessions how to move their bodies more efficiently to improve their co-ordination, reduce joint stress and muscle strain, and improve flexibility. More about Feldenkrais.

8) Hellerwork

Hellerwork is a form of bodywork that has three main components:

  1. deep tissue work - treatment usually begins with work on the soft tissues around the forearm and wrist.
  2. education about correct posture and movement, ergonomic assessment of the workstation (e.g. chair too low, monitor too high)
  3. dialogue to address emotions that lock muscles into "holding patterns" and affect breathing.

People often begin to notice a reduction of symptoms in one to three sessions.

Other Natural Remedies


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