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Anxiety Holistic Treatment

Find out about holistic treatment options for anxiety, including home remedies, herbs, supplement, diet, and therapies.

7 Natural Remedies for Anxiety
Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder may include restlessness, feeling tense or on edge, irritability, impatience, or poor concentration. Find out about seven natural remedies that may help.

3 Natural Panic Attack Remedies
Can natural remedies therapies help to alleviate panic attacks? Here are three mind/body techniques that are being explored.

Can Kava Help With Anxiety Relief?
An herb shown to promote relaxation, kava may help tame your anxiety naturally.

Ease Anxiety Naturally with Passion Flower
A number of studies show that passion flower (a popular herbal remedy) may help ease anxiety.

Health Benefits of Passion Flower
Emerging evidence suggests that the herbal remedy passion flower may help ease anxiety.

Kava to Relieve Anxiety
Kava contains compounds shown to promote relaxation an increase your levels of GABA, known to play a role in reducing anxiety.

Chamomile tea is often taken by people experiencing anxiety. Learn more about this herb.

St. John's Wort
Although St. John's wort is best known as a natural remedy for mild to moderate depression, it's also being studied as a natural remedy for anxiety.

Liver Qi Stagnation
In traditional Chinese medicine, anxiety is often associated with a pattern called "liver qi stagnation". Find out about other symptoms of liver qi stagnation and learn about foods that are used to balance it.

Using Mindfulness to Change Your Mood
Although you may not have heard of mindfulness before, it's a mind/body technique that essentially involves focusing on your mind on the present. Find out how it is used to reduce anxiety.

Natural Remedies for Tension Headaches
Anxiety is a known trigger for tension headaches. Learn about natural remedies that are being explored as treatments for tension headaches.

Valerian and Anxiety-Related Insomnia
The herb valerian is a popular short-term remedy for anxiety-related insomnia. Find out more about valerian, including what it is, why it's used, scientific evidence, and possible side effects and safety concerns.

Can Yoga Help With Anxiety?
Some research suggests that practicing yoga may help tame your stress and ease your anxiety.

Using Acupuncture for Anxiety Relief
Some studies suggest that undergoing acupuncture may help soothe anxiety symptoms and ease excessive worrying.

Aromatherapy Scents for Anxiety
Early research shows that essential oils like lavender and rose may help calm your nerves.

Meditation for Anxiety
Taking up a meditation practice may help promote relaxation and reduce some anxiety symptoms.

Using Yoga to Ease Stress
Find out whether taking up yoga may help tame your tension and stave off stress-related health troubles.

Orange Essential Oil
Studies suggest that orange essential oil could help you ease your anxiety naturally.

Stress Effects on Your Body
Chronic stress can impact health in many ways. Take this simple quiz to discover how it may be impacting your health.

Spikenard Essential Oil for Anxiety?

Find out about the use of the aromatherapy oil spikenard essential oil for anxiety relief. 

Using Hypnosis to Relieve Anxiety
A mind-body technique, several studies suggest that practicing hypnosis may help to ease anxiety.

Aromatherapy With Lavender Essential Oil

 Learn about three benefits of using lavender oil to help to relieve anxiety.

Music Therapy for Anxiety
Listening to music daily may help to alleviate anxiety symptoms in some. Find out more about it.


3 Natural Therapies for Adrenal Fatigue

Often brought on by prolonged stress along with other factors, adrenal fatigue is marked by a consistent loss of energy. 

Can Supplements Help With Stress Relief?

Can certain supplements help boost your body's defense against the harmful effects of stress? Find out more.

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