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Detox Diet Quiz
Are You In Need of a Detox Diet?

A detox diet can be a powerful self-healing tool. We are constantly being exposed to toxins in our food, water and environment. While our bodies are equipped to remove them, our increasing exposure may mean that we can't do it optimally, which alternative practitioners believe may result in tiredness, constipation, skin eruptions, struggles with weight, brittle nails and other ailments. A detox diet allows our bodies to focus on repairing itself.

Before looking more closely at the detox diet, take this quiz to put your lifestyle and health in focus and become familiar with some of the reasons people try this diet. Affirmative answers to the questions indicate that you may benefit from a detox diet, but keep in mind that this quiz should not replace medical diagnosis or assessment. Start the quiz below!

In-Depth: Detox Diets

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