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Low-Carb Snacks

What Ayurvedic Type Are You?
Take This Ayurvedic Type Quiz

1.  Which best describes your skin?
Tends to be dry. Seems like I always need to moisturize.
Tends to be sensitive, warm, reddish, inflamed, and/or oily.
My skin is fairly thick (may be prone to acne).

2.  Which best describes your build?
I have a medium build and a fairly well-balanced body.
I'm small-boned with a thin build and prominent joints.
I have a solid, ample, or stocky build with larger bone structure.

3.  Which best describes your appetite?
I tend to feel heavy after food and have a sluggish digestion.
I have a large appetite and digest food quickly. May be irritable if I miss a meal or can’t eat when I'm hungry.
My appetite is irregular, sometimes I'm hungry, sometimes I'm not.

4.  Which best describes your memory?
I'm good at picking up new things but my long-term memory is poor.
Slow but once I remember something it tends to stick.

5.  Which best describes your sleep?
I'm a heavy, sound sleeper.
I sleep well.
I'm a light sleeper.

6.  Which best describes you?
I don't like the cold. Prefer warm food and drink to cold.
I don't like heat. It makes me tired, I perspire easily.
I don't like humid or damp environments.

7.  Which best describes how you react to stress?
I'm fairly calm under stress. Tend to avoid difficult situations.
Makes me anxious, fearful, and/or insecure.
Makes me angry, frustrated, and/or irritable.

8.  Which best describes you?
I gain weight easily and find it hard to lose.
It's relatively hard for me to put on weight.
I put on weight like most people.

9.  Which best describes you?
Creative, enthusiastic, active, and somewhat restless.
Even-tempered, patient, compassionate, and not particularly high-energy.
Determined, impatient, critical, stubborn, and easy to anger.

10.  Which best describes your bowel movements?
Thick, heavy, slow.
Irregular, hard, dry.
Easy, regular, soft, loose.

11.  Which best describes the illnesses you're susceptible to?
Congestion, water retention, cystic acne, and/or lethargy.
Inflammation, hypertension, hypersensitivity (allergies, rashes, arthritis, etc) and/or aggression.
Constipation, anxiety, nervousness, and/or insomnia.

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