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How to Find a Complementary / Alternative Practitioner


Updated July 22, 2009

How do you go about finding the right complementary and alternative medicine practitioner? There are so many different therapies and treatments that the options can seem overwhelming. Here are some suggestions:

Ask friends and family
Ask friends, relatives, and colleagues for the names of practitioners they've used. You'd be surprised by how many people have a practitioner they'd recommend.

Ask your healthcare providers
Ask your doctor, dentist, or other health care providers for recommendations. They may even regularly refer their patients to certain practitioners they trust.

Inquire at the health food store
Inquire at a local health food store or natural grocer. The manager usually knows practitioners in the area and can be a great resource.

Check with local colleges
Call a local complementary / alternative medicine college or visit the website. Faculty members at colleges often teach part-time and maintain a practice. They usually have years of experience and are generally considered to be good practitioners.

Search web directories
Go to the professional association's website. Each type of therapy has an association with an online database of registered practitioners. You can often enter your city and zip code and get the names and phone numbers of practitioners in your area. Find a practitioner

Ask your insurer
Check with your insurer to see if you are covered for any alternative health services. For example, some insurers cover visits to a chiropractor. They may have a list of of practitioners who accept your insurance.

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