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What is Your Ayurvedic Type?

Find out your constitutional type


Updated March 23, 2013

In Ayurveda, the five elements of space, air, earth, fire and water make up everything in the universe including the human body. These elements come together to create three different constitutional types or doshas known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

If air and space were the predominant energies present during your birth then you are Vata in nature, if water and earth were predominant, you are Kapha and if fire and water were predominant then you are Pitta.

Knowing your dosha can help you understand what activities, foods, and lifestyle elements can support and nurture your health and what can cause imbalance.

The most accurate way of learning your constitution is to visit an Ayurvedic doctor. He or she can conduct a physical examination including pulse assessment and can tell you what your dosha is and provide specific recommendations. Many people are a combination of two doshas.


Print out this page. Check off beside each statement that applies to you. When you are finished, count the total for each section (type A, B or C) and click on the next page.

Type A
  • Thin build and small-boned. Can be tall or short.
  • Prominent joints, don’t put on weight easily
  • Skin is dry, chaps easily, rough, cool, prominent veins
  • Hair is coarse and dry
  • Small, active, dark eyes
  • Lips are thin, dry, chap easily
  • Brittle, ridged or cracked nails
  • Little strength, tires easily
  • Variable appetite, can get very hungry
  • Very physically active
  • Bowel movements irregular, hard, dry
  • Mind is active, restless
  • Tendency toward fear or anxiety when under stress
  • Recent memory is good, long-term memory is poor
  • Light sleeper
    [liCold hands and feet, little perspiration
  • Dreams are fearful, flying, movement
  • Tendency towards constipation, anxiety, nervousness, poor sleep
Type B
  • Medium build
  • Moderate body weight, may be athletic, muscular
  • Oily skin, warm, sensitive skin, reddish, inflamed
  • Hair is fine, oily, may have balding or premature graying
  • Medium, penetrating, light sensitive eyes
  • Lips are soft, medium-sized
  • Soft and flexible nails
  • Medium strength
  • Strong appetite, irritable if you miss a meal or can’t eat when you’re hungry
  • Enjoys physical activity, especially competitive
  • Bowel movements easy and regular, soft, oily and loose
  • Mind is focused and sharp
  • Tend toward anger, frustration or irritability when under stress
  • Excellent memory
  • Usually sleep well
  • Good circulation, perspire frequently
  • Dreams fiery, angry, violence, passionate
  • Tendency towards inflammation, high blood pressure, hypersensitive, aggression
Type C
  • Thick, ample or stocky build. Larger bone-structure.
  • Overweight
  • Thick skin, cool, prone to acne
  • Thick hair, shiny, lustrous
  • Large, round eyes with thick eyelashes
  • Lips are large, smooth, full
  • Strong and thick nails
  • Strong, good endurance
  • Less active, sometimes lethargic
  • Bowel movements thick, oily, heavy, slow
  • Mind is calm and slow
  • Tendency to avoid situations that are difficult
  • Memory is slow but sustaining
  • Sound, heavy sleeper
  • Moderate perspiration
  • Dreams peaceful, romantic, water, ocean
  • Tendency towards respiratory congestion, water retention, lymph congestion, cystic acne, tiredness

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