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Cathy Wong, ND

Alleviating Acne with Basil Essential Oil

By September 5, 2013

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basilIn an effort to get clearer skin, some people struggling with acne turn to essential oils used in aromatherapy. One aromatherapy remedy said to ease acne is basil essential oil, a substance found to possess antibacterial properties.

So far, few studies have tested the acne-fighting effects of basil essential oil. However, a small study published in the journal Biomedica in 2012 determined that a combination of orange and basil essential oils may help improve skin in acne-prone individuals.

For more help in fighting acne naturally, consider using remedies like dong quai and vitex. (two herbs found to have anti-acne benefits in scientific studies). There's also some evidence that reducing your dairy intake and following a diet that limits foods with a high glycemic load (such as sugary beverages, candy, white rice or pasta, and french fries) may help reduce acne.

For more about this aromatherapy oil, read my article on basil essential oil.

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