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Readers Respond: How do you handle flatulence in public?

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Updated April 06, 2010

Gas, flatulence, and bloating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when it affects you in public. What’s the best excuse/cover-up you’ve ever given for passing gas?

grocery shopping tip

well if you are doing the grocery shopping, the best place to drop a stinkbomb is in the washing powder isle cos hopefully all the other smells will cover up yours...or if you dont make it to the isle...you can always say "pooey" and blame someone else...babies are good to blame you can just say you need to go change there nappy! LOL
—Guest smellybum

Handling Gas in Public

I let it out even if it's noisy. If someone looks at me, I say loudly..."Oh, yeah! Look at me so everyone thinks I did it!"
—Guest Steve Smith

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