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Readers Respond: How do you use erythritol in recipes?

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Updated April 07, 2010

From the article: Erythritol
Have you cooked with erythritol? Do you find that it works better in some recipes but not others? Share your tips with other About.com readers here and find about other people's successes and failures cooking with erythritol. Share Your Tips

Bad taste in ginger ale

I bought a new brand of sugar free, no artificial sweeteners, no calories ginger ale, took my first sip---yuck! The after-taste was like an oily, base coating. No thanks' no erythritol for my palate!
—Guest Jessica

Erythritol and Thirst?

Does anyone have any trouble with excessive thirst with using Erythritol as a sweetener in tea? I've been using it, half this and half sugar, to sweeten my tea, and I'm finding I have excessive thirst. I'm trying to narrow down if this is the cause.
—Guest Candy

Stomach upset

I tried erythritol on Saturday in a SoBe drink. The taste was okay. I only had one bottle, but had laxative effects from it for a couple of days. Not something I'll do again.
—Guest Nan J.

Banana Bread

I use truvia for my coffee and tea. 1/2 a package is plenty for me. Recently I started using truviol for baking. It is part sugar and part truvia. 1/2 cup equals 1 cup sugar and it is working out great for me.
—Guest NanaFran

Erythritol and my kids

My 2 children, 7 and 6 yrs, just had a chocolate milkshake containing this and within 3 minutes were complaining of stomach aches and nausea, then sufferring diarrhoea. Luckily my 2 year old spilt all of hers after the first sip and I didn't replenish it. Perhaps its not so good for the littlies.
—Guest vanessa

Love it

I have a very hard time with my weight and finding a beverage on the shelf that I like has been difficult, the Sobe Honey Green Tea, 10 calories per 20oz bottle is awsome. I intend to look into cooking with erythritol as well!

Like it!

Right now, I'm using it as a sugar substitute in drinks and I find the flavor very much like sugar. No gastric effects or headaches. It doesn't dissolve well, so if I'm using it in a cold mixture, I run it through the blender to make it like powdered sugar. That solves the problem. I have baked with the granules, but they didn't seem to dissolve well or else re-crystalized after baking. So if I use it again that way, I'll grind it into powder first.

Erythritol reactions

I tried a tiny amount of a product sweetened with erythritol and had serious allergic reactions. I suspect this sweetener is made from corn, or contains corn or sulfites. I'm allergic to both.
—Guest Donnie

Really like it

I found Erythritol in a new Monster Energy drink after I went on a low carb diet and found that it was the first "diet drink" that didn't taste like drinking a chemistry set. I found it in bulk form at Wal-Mart & have used it in Kool-Aid & baking. It seems to behave just like sugar. The container I bought is more concentrated than sugar & I have to keep the container handy to remember the ratio, something like 3/4tsp = 1tsp of sugar. I'd like to find more drinks & maybe some gummie bears that use it & I'd be happy from now on with a low carb diet. (Thanks for the suggestion Susiebrock)
—Guest Fil

More runs from "sugar'

After having suffered from previous chemical incarnations of 'sugar' or non- sugars I gave it up , all I use is stevia.. an herb unadulterated by chemical warfare.. Keep your truvia and the Erythritol as well. My long term health is more important
—Guest unsheepled




When using in baking does it cause cake, etc. to crumble. Does it act like sugar. Does the powder act like powdered sugar?I found that using Xylithol.
—Guest Carol Sims

Erythritol Recipes

I have found erythritol may be substituted for regular cane sugar or beet sugar almost equally in measurement and texture. My site at dessertisdinner.com has several recipes posted that you might like to try. Erythritol is advertised as 80% as sweet as sugar, but I find if I just add about 1 extra tablespoon per cup, it is fine.
—Guest Muryal Braun

Simple dessert

Whip heavy whipping cream. Add vanilla. Mix in a little erythritol. Top with berries of choice and sprinkle top with a little more erythritol. Yummy!!

Heath effects

In some people erythritol has a strong laxative effects. It is therefor important to know how your body responds to sugar substitutes before extensive use.
—Guest Guest

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How do you use erythritol in recipes?

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