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Tai Chi


Updated August 02, 2013


Tai chi is a self-healing system of slow, graceful exercises that combine movement, meditation and rhythmic breathing to improve the flow of chi which is thought to prevent illness and improve well-being. Preliminary research suggests that tai chi may reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help older adults by improving posture, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and strength.

Tai chi is typically taught in groups in health centers, community centers, offices and schools.

Students of tai chi learn a series of slow, precise body movements and positions called "forms" and are encouraged to pay attention to his or her breathing.

Tai chi students are taught to focus on a point just below the navel, which is thought to be the area from which qi flows to other parts of the body.

Pronunciation: tai-chee
Also Known As: t'ai chi, tai chi chuan, tai chi chih, tai ji juan, tai ji quan, taijiquan, tai ji, taiji, shadow boxing
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