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20 Detox Foods

Here are our 20 detox foods. Find out what they are, why they are used for detox, and tips on how to cook with them.

Coloring Mandalas as a Meditation Technique

Coloring mandalas are a great meditation technique. Learn more about what a mandala is, what the benefits are, and get a printable coloring mandala page to try.

How to Breathe With Your Belly

Diaphragmatic breathing may help to ease anxiety and stress and boost energy and stamina. Here are the step by step instructions on how to do it.

Awaken Intuition and Rejuvenate Yourself

Step-by-step instructions from renowned medical intuitive Judith Orloff, MD. The First Prescription: Awaken Intuition and Rejuvenate Yourself.

Make Your Own Supplement Diary

This supplement diary can help you keep track of the herbs and supplements you're taking. Make a photocopy for your doctor and other health care providers so they have this information in your chart. Keeping them up-to-date with this supplement diary can help prevent drug interactions and potentially harmful reactions.

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