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The Candida Diet - Lab Tests and Evidence


Updated May 22, 2014

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Lab Tests

The Candida Immune Complex test is used by some alternative practitioners. It costs approximately $100. Labs that perform this test include Immuno Sciences, Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab, and Antibody Assay Laboratories.

Scientific Evidence

There is very little scientific evidence showing that candida yeast overgrowth is common, or that diets, herbs, and supplements can help.

One clinical trial looked at the use of the antifungal drug nystatin in 116 people who were thought to have candida yeast overgrowth. After four weeks, treatment with nystatin improved symptoms compared to placebo. Some people in the study also avoided dietary sugar and yeast and reported an even greater improvement in symptoms.

Another study, involving 42 women, didn't find any benefit in symptoms with nystatin use.


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