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Insomnia Holistic Treatment

Information about holistic treatment options for insomnia, including home remedies, herbs, supplement, diet, and alternative therapies.
  1. Valerian for Insomnia

14 Holistic Treatments to Beat Insomnia
Learn about 14 natural remedies that are used for insomnia plus tips to improve sleep.

5 Natural Ways to Sleep Better Naturally

Find out about five soothing activities to consider including in your bedtime routine. 

4 Natural Sleep Remedies for Cancer-Related Sleeping Problems

Learn about the possible use of four natural remedies for cancer-related sleeping problems.

Meditation for Sleep
Calming your mind with meditation may help you sleep better at night.

Music for Sleep
Listening to calming music before bedtime may help promote healthy sleep and stave off insomnia.

Can Hypnosis be Used to Treat Sleep Disorders?
For people struggling with sleep problems, hypnosis may help bring calm and promote sounder slumber.

3 Mind-Body Sleep Solutions
Find out about three mind/body practices that may help you get a better sleep, such as yoga, tai chi, or meditation.

Melatonin and Sleep
Melatonin is a hormone that the body to regulate our internal clock. How can it help sleep? Find out more about this popular supplement

Chamomile is popular for insomnia, especially in tea form. Find out more about chamomile.

Valerian for a Sounder Sleep
Valerian is one of the more popular sleep remedies. Find out more about valerian, including the possible side effects and safety concerns.

Is There a Natural Alternative to Sleep Medications?
A reader asks, "Is there a natural alternative to sleep medications?" Read my answer.

Find out more about 5-HTP, including why people use it for insomnia and the possible side effects and safety concerns.

Kava Kava
Kava kava is a herb used for anxiety and insomnia. Find out more about kava kava, including the safety concerns and possible side effects of this herb.

Yoga for Sleep
Practicing yoga regularly may help to ease insomnia. Learn more about how it might help.

Aromatherapy for Sleep
Studies suggest that aromatherapy sleep remedies with certain essential oils may promote sounder sleep.

Aromatherapy for Lavender Oil

Preliminary research suggests that lavender-based aromatherapy may have sedative effects.

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