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The Guide to Garlic For Health

Learn all about garlic, also known as Allium sativum, used in herbal medicine for a variety of conditions such as colds, heart health, and high cholesterol.

Garlic Benefits for Colds
Some studies suggest that garlic may fend off the common cold when taken regularly. Find out more about it.

Can Garlic Help With Cancer Prevention?

Preliminary research suggests that certain garlic compounds may fight cancer and thwart tumor growth. Learn more about it.

4 Health Benefits of Garlic and More
Learn about the benefits, uses and safety concerns of garlic.

Foods to Eat on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Find out what foods, such as garlic, may help to fight inflammation.

Remedies for Warts

Learn about natural remedies, including garlic, that may help to shrink warts. 

Swimmer's Ear Remedies

Garlic is available as a dietary supplement, but garlic ear drops are also available and sometimes used for swimmer's ear. Find out more and learn about other remedies that may help this condition.

Natural Approach to Preventing Stroke

Although garlic hasn't been specifically studied for stroke prevention, find out why some consider it a promising remedy. 

8 Ways to Fight Intestinal Parasites Naturally
Find out about natural remedies for intestinal parasites including garlic.

Real Ways to Boost Your Immune System
Garlic may have virus-killing and bacteria-fighting properties. Find out about other foods that may help to boost immunity.


11 Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies
Find out about garlic and 10 other remedies that may help to lower blood pressure.


Benefits of Sulfur
Learn about the sulfur, thought to be the active compound in garlic. 

11 Remedies for Colds
Find out about garlic and 10 other remedies that may help to fight colds.

Natural Remedies for Preventing Heart Disease
Learn about garlic and five other remedies that may help with heart disease prevention.

Remedies for Ringworm
Find out about garlic and other remedies that show promise in the alternative treatment for garlic.

6 Natural Candida Remedies

 Learn about natural ways to address candida, including garlic.

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