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Find a Practitioner

Resources that will help you in your search for a complementary/alternative medicine practitioner.
  1. Acupuncturist (4)
  2. Doctor of Chiropractic (53)
  3. Holistic Dentist (1)
  4. Massage Therapy (39)
  5. Naturopathic Doctor (2)

Tips on Finding a Practitioner
There are such a range of alternative therapies that the options can seem overwhelming. The following guidelines can help in the selection process.

Find an Alexander Technique Practitioner
The American Society for the Alexander Technique is the largest professional association of certified Alexander Technique teachers in the United States.

Find a Feldenkrais Practitioner
The Feldenkrais Educational Foundation of North America was formed to carry out educational, research, and charitable activities.

Find a Hellerwork Practitioner
Directory of certified Hellerwork practitioners.

Find a Rolf Practitioner
Find a Rolf practitioner near you.

Find a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International is the official organization of Therapeutic Touch.

Find a Trager Practitioner
Find a Trager practitioner near you.

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