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Detox diet IQ quiz

Answers to the detox diet IQ quiz


Updated March 20, 2005

by Cathy Wong, ND

Okay, so you've completed the detox diet IQ quiz and want to know where you went wrong. Here are the answers and explanations.

Q: The most effective detox method is...
A: Fruit, vegetables, and protein. Protein is required by the liver for proper detox. Beans, nuts, seeds, quinoa, and certain protein powders are just some of the many plant sources of protein. Fish is also allowed in moderation.

Q: It's normal to feel awful on a detox. Feeling faint, jittery, having an excruciating headace are all signs that your body is eliminating lots of toxins.
A: False. Symptoms such as feeling faint or dizzy, jittery, palpitations, vomiting, diarrhea can be serious and are certainly not "normal". If there is any doubt, consult your physician at once. Although many people do have psychological and physical withdrawal effects in the first couple of days, the more prepared a person's body is by easing into the diet, the fewer these side effects. Read the Detox basics article.

Q: Dry skin brushing is best when...
A: Light pressure is used, which improves blood and lymph flow. Read the instructions on Dry skin brushing.

Q: It's common to notice a thicker tongue coating during a detox.
A: In Ayurveda, tongue coating is called "ama" and reflects metabolic debris. Tongue scrapers can be purchased in a drug store or health food store for a few dollars. They are an effective way of removing the thick coating and ama toxins.

Q: Which of the following is a liver cleanser and stimulates the flow of digestive juices?
A: Lemon. Lemon is a traditional liver cleanser that stimulates the release of digestive juices.

Q: Dry skin brushing should be done...
A: Starting at the feet and hands, moving towards the chest. Read the instructions on Dry skin brushing.

Q: Detox during pregnancy can help to clear toxins before breast-feeding
A: Absolutely not! Pregnant or nursing women should never detox. Any toxins released into the bloodstream can be passed to the baby and can harm the fragile nervous system. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q: Caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, green tea) should be eliminated during a detox diet.
A: People can prepare for a detox by gradually decreasing their caffeine intake so they won't experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms during the detox diet. If this isn't possible, drinking green tea is a healthy coffee substitute during the detox diet. Also consider these top 5 coffee substitutes.

Q: You should never stop taking prescription drugs on your own. You should always consult your physician.
A: True. Never stop any medication without talking to your physician.

Q: Which vitamin can decrease uncomfortable healing responses during detox?
A: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports detox. It may also help to decrease some of the side effects of detox, such as mild headache. Read about the essential nutrients for detox.

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