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Top 4 Picks for People with Tired, Achy Feet


Updated June 15, 2007

A foot massage can do wonders for tired, achy feet that have been stuffed in shoes or stood on all day. One type of foot massage, called reflexology, is based on the theory that the entire body can be mapped onto the feet. A reflexologist applies pressure to specific foot points to relax the feet and affect corresponding body parts.

1. Feet First: A Guide to Reflexology

This practical guide to reflexology contains illustrated drawings of massage techniques and sections on how the everyday non-professional person can use reflexology at the office or with a child, older relative or partner.
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2. Herbal Foot Soak

An effervescent foot bath stimulates circulation and relieves stress and muscle aches. It can be done before a foot massage or before exfoliating with a pumice stone.
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3. Relaxation Music

Many people find that listening to peaceful music helps them to relax. Suggested listening: a collection of nature sounds of rain, ocean waves and birds, accompanied by instrumental music.
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4. Arnica Massage Oil

Arnica is believed to benefit sore and achy muscles. Arnica massage oil can be used to give a foot reflexology massage. Caution: arnica should not be applied over wounds or broken skin.
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