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A - Z Natural Remedy Index

A to Z index of articles on natural remedies for health conditions and diseases.

All About Probiotics and Weight Loss
Some research shows that probiotic supplements may help you trim away excess pounds.

Tea and Heart Disease Prevention
Can drinking tea help to fight heart disease? Get the scoop.

Reduce Belly Fat, Naturally
Some natural remedies show promise for fighting excess belly fat, a risk factor for major health problems like heart disease and cancer.

Capsaicin for Weight Loss
Capsaicin—a chemical found in hot chili peppers—may help ease your appetite and boost your metabolism.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Some research shows that adding hypnosis to your weight-loss program may help you shed pounds.

Alternative Treatments for Parkinson's Disease
Find out which alternative treatments are thought to help treat Parkinson's disease, a nervous system disorder that often leads to major problems with movement.

Yoga for a Healthy Heart
Known to soothe stress, yoga may shield your heart health and boost your defense and cardiovascular disease.

Hangover Cures
Learn how to stave off a hangoverand how to naturally ease next-day symptoms when you've overindulged.

Natural Mood Enhancement
Learn how meditation and yoga may act as natural mood enhancers to help you beat the blues.

Natural Approach to Emphysema
Learn how to protect your lungs from emphysema with two natural remedies.

Preventing Heart Disease with Alternative Medicine
Learn how certain natural remedies may help you stave off heart disease, such as garlic, resveratrol, vitamin D, hawthorn, and more.

Diverticulitis Natural Remedies
Find out which natural substances may help treat diverticulitis, a painful condition marked by inflammation in the intestines.

Alternative Medicine for Atherosclerosis
Find out about how natural remedies may help to fight atherosclerosis and and ward off heart disease.

Natural Hypothermia Prevention
Learn which lifestyle changes and natural substances may help protect you from hypothermia, estimated to cause 600 deaths each year in the U.S.

Peripheral Artery Disease and Alternative Medicine
Learn how to protect against peripheral artery disease, a condition that often has no symptoms but could raise your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Bell's Palsy – Treatment and Remedies
Certain alternative therapies may help treat Bell's palsy, a condition that causes temporary paralysis in the facial muscles.

A - Z Natural Remedies Listed by Health Condition
Browse this A to Z index of natural remedies, listed alphabetically by health condition.

Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
A healing approach that combines meditation and yoga, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction may help soothe chronic pain, ease anxiety, and promote healthier sleep.

Stress Management Techniques
Adding stress management techniques to your self-care can help boost your wellbeing and shield you from sickness.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Here's a look at the science behind yoga's benefits for weight loss.

Alternative Treatments for Interstitial Cystitis
Research shows that some natural remedies may help ease the pain of interstitial cystitis (a chronic condition marked by inflammation in the bladder wall).

Natural Treatments for Insulin Resistance
Natural remedies like omega-3 fatty acids may help fight insulin resistance and reduce your risk of major health problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

Herbs for the Liver
Get the science behind three herbal remedies said to enhance your liver health.

Massage for TMJ
If you suffer from TMJ syndrome (a common condition that causes jaw soreness), massage may help ease your pain.

Free Radicals
Learn all about free radicals, and how to boost your defense against major health problems like heart disease and cancer.

Natural Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder
For help in treating seasonal affective disorder (or "SAD"), consider these natural therapies.

Health Conditions A-Z
See a list of conditions and find out about natural remedies that may help.

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