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Herbs and Herbal Medicine

Get the scoop on the health benefits of herbs. Find out how they are commonly used, what the current research shows and get tips on using herbal medicine for various health conditions.
  1. Aloe Vera Juice and Gel (11)
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Herbs (5)
  3. Bitter Melon (3)
  4. Black Cohosh (4)
  5. Capsaicin (9)
  6. Chamomile (9)
  7. Dandelion (9)
  8. Dong Quai (2)
  9. Echinacea (6)
  10. Garlic (15)
  11. Ginger (16)
  12. Ginkgo Biloba (11)
  13. Ginseng (15)
  14. Guarana (2)
  15. Herbs for Allergies (10)
  16. Herbs for Anxiety (16)
  17. Herbs for Arthritis (13)
  18. Herbs for Cancer (12)
  19. Herbs for Cholesterol / Heart Health (11)
  20. Herbs for Colds (20)
  21. Herbs for Constipation (7)
  22. Herbs for Depression (2)
  23. Herbs for Diabetes (12)
  24. Herbs for Digestive Health (14)
  25. Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction (6)
  26. Herbs for Hair (3)
  27. Herbs for High Blood Pressure (9)
  28. Herbs for Menopause (8)
  29. Herbs for Weight Loss (15)
  30. Herbs for a Better Sleep (5)
  31. Hoodia Gordonii (7)
  32. Licorice Root (10)
  33. Maca (2)
  34. Milk thistle (3)
  35. Peppermint (10)
  36. Saw Palmetto (4)
  37. St. John's wort (7)
  38. Valerian (8)

What is Horse Chestnut?
Shown to fight inflammation, the herbal remedy horse chestnut may help manage certain circulatory problems.

What is Feverfew?
Get the lowdown on feverfew, an herb often touted as a natural remedy for migraine and arthritis pain.

Benefits of Nettle
A natural remedy with anti-inflammatory effects, nettle may help soothe allergy symptoms and arthritis pain.

What is Skullcap?
Learn about the possible cancer-fighting, brain-boosting effects of skullcap, an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Balsam of Peru
About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about the herb balsam of peru and its health benefits.

About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about allspice and its health benefits.

Information about the herb eyebright.

Fact sheet about chickweed.

Lion's Mane
A medicinal mushroom long used in traditional Chinese medicine, lion's mane may help preserve brain health, fight depression, and boost your defense against cancer.

When applied to the skin, podophyllum may help treat warts and a common complication of HIV.

Dubbed "nature's pharmacy," the neem tree has long been used for healing in traditional Indian medicine. Get the lowdown on this popular natural remedy.

What is Olive Leaf Extract?
A natural remedy rich in antioxidants, olive leaf extract shows promise for keeping your blood pressure in check.

Lemon Balm
Long used as an herbal remedy for stress, lemon balm may help fight off cold sores and ease the effects of Alzheimer's disease.

What is Yarrow?
Long used in herbal medicine, yarrow may help keep your blood pressure in check and boost your defense against heart disease.

What is Comfrey Ointment?
Find out about the healing benefits of comfrey ointment.

Prunella Vulgaris
An herb found to fight viruses, prunella vulgaris may help fend off cold sores and genital herpes.

What is Catnip?
Find out more about catnip, an herb said to promote sleep and ease stress.

What is Viburnum?
What is viburnum and what are the benefits of using it? Find out more about this remedy.

What is Bishop's Weed?
A lesser-known herbal remedy, bishop's weed contains compounds that may help treat such skin disorders as psoriasis and vitiligo.

What is Shepherd's Purse?
An herb said to stop heavy bleeding, shepherd's purse is often touted as a natural remedy for easing menstrual pain.

What is Blue Cohosh?
Learn about the potential risks of blue cohosh, an herb long used to boost women's health.

What is Red Raspberry Leaf?
What is red raspberry leaf? Find out more about this herbal remedy said to protect against pregnancy-related health troubles and make labor easier.

The Benefits of Berberine
A compound found naturally in certain herbs, berberine may help keep your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check.

What is Lobelia?
Learn the science behind lobelia, an herb long used to enhance lung health and promote smoking cessation.

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