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Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Get the scoop on the health benefits of herbal remedies. Find out how they are commonly used, what the current research shows, and get tips on using herbs for health purposes.
  1. Alfalfa (2)
  2. Aloe (4)
  3. Bilberry (2)
  4. Bitter Melon (3)
  5. Black cohosh (3)
  6. Capsaicin / Capsicum (2)
  7. Cayenne (2)
  8. Chamomile (3)
  9. Comfrey (0)
  10. Dandelion (5)
  11. Dong Quai (2)
  12. Echinacea (4)
  13. Ephedra (3)
  14. Garlic (5)
  15. Ginger (8)
  16. Ginkgo biloba (7)
  17. Ginseng (7)
  18. Guarana (2)
  19. Hoodia (5)
  20. Licorice (3)
  21. Maca (2)
  22. Milk thistle (3)
  23. Peppermint (4)
  24. Saw palmetto (3)
  25. St. John's wort (8)
  26. Valerian (2)

As cold and flu season nears, consider adding the herbal remedy andrographis to your natural medicine cabinet.

What is Horse Chestnut?
Shown to fight inflammation, the herbal remedy horse chestnut may help manage certain circulatory problems.

What is Feverfew?
Get the lowdown on feverfew, an herb often touted as a natural remedy for migraine and arthritis pain.

Benefits of Nettle
A natural remedy with anti-inflammatory effects, nettle may help soothe allergy symptoms and arthritis pain.

What is Boswellia?
Used in traditional Indian medicine to fight inflammation, the herb boswellia may help ease arthritis, asthma, and ulcerative colitis.

What is Skullcap?
Learn about the possible cancer-fighting, brain-boosting effects of skullcap, an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Health Benefits of Guggul
For thousands of years, guggul extract has been used to keep cholesterol in check, ease arthritis pain, and stimulate weight loss. Learn more about the science behind this traditional Indian remedy, including findings that it may combat cancer.

The Benefits of Mullein
Long used to soothe the respiratory tract, mullein may help ease ear pain and fight off germs naturally.

Benefits of Rhodiola
Long used to help the body fight stress of all kinds, the Russian herb rhodiola may also help ease depression and boost heart health.

Slippery Elm
A time-honored Native American remedy, slippery elm may help ease the pain of heartburn, sore throat, and certain stomach troubles.

Long used in the traditional medicine of India, the herb ashwagandha may help relieve anxiety and arthritis, as well as aid in the treatment of diabetes and cancer.

The Benefits of Gotu Kola
For thousands of years, herbalists in China and India have used gotu kola to soothe skin problems, fight fatigue, and manage conditions like asthma and ulcers. Now science shows that the herb may help ease anxiety, boost your mood, and treat varicose veins.

Shown to strengthen the immune system and curb inflammation, elderberry may help you fight off the flu. Find out more about how this anti-viral, antioxidant-rich herb could boost your flu defense.

Horny Goat Weed
Information about the Chinese herb horny goat weed.

Information about the herb tribulus.

Polypodium Leucotomos
What is Polypodium leucotomos? Why do people use Polypodium leucotomos? What are the side effects and safety concerns?

Tongkat Ali
Information about the herb tongkat ali.

Information about the herb damiana.

About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about the herb barberry and its health benefits.

Balsam of Peru
About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about the herb balsam of peru and its health benefits.

About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about ashwaghandha and its health benefits.

About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about angelica and its health benefits.

About.com Alternative Medicine, learn about allspice and its health benefits.

Information about the herb yohimbe.

Learn about the herb althaea, often called marshmallow.

Wild Yam
Information about the herb Wild Yam.

Dong Quai
Information about the herb Dong Quai.

Yellow Dock
Information about the herb yellow dock

Information about the herb vitex.

What is Fo-Ti?
Find out about the Chinese herb fo-ti. What is is and why do people use it?

Information about the herb eyebright.

Information about the herb cranesbill

Devil's Claw
Information about the herb Devil's Claw.

Cat's Claw
Fact sheet about the supplement Cat's Claw.

Fact sheet about chickweed.

Fact sheet about the supplement chamomile.

What should you know about eleuthero, often called Siberian ginseng? What are the benefits and side effects? How does it compare with different forms of ginseng, such as Korean or panax ginseng?

What is Yucca?
Rich in antioxidants, yucca may help ease inflammation and tame arthritis pain.

Lion's Mane
A medicinal mushroom long used in traditional Chinese medicine, lion's mane may help preserve brain health, fight depression, and boost your defense against cancer.

What is Magnolia Bark?
An herbal remedy used in traditional Chinese medicine, magnolia bark may help lessen anxiety and boost your mood.

Butcher's Broom for Chronic Venous Insufficiency
An herb said to stimulate circulation, butcher's broom may help relieve some symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (a health problem commonly linked to varicose veins).

When applied to the skin, podophyllum may help treat warts and a common complication of HIV.

What is caraway? What are the benefits of caraway seeds? Get the lowdown on this natural food, said to help with belly bloating.

Saffron Extract
What is saffron extract? Get the lowdown on this plant-based product.

Ivy Gourd
A tropical herb said to keep blood sugar in check, ivy gourd shows promise as a natural treatment for diabetes.

Dubbed "nature's pharmacy," the neem tree has long been used for healing in traditional Indian medicine. Get the lowdown on this popular natural remedy.

Blueberry Extract
Loaded with antioxidants, blueberry extract may help shield you from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?
Get the scoop on garcinia cambogia, a natural remedy said to suppress appetite and speed up weight loss.

An herbal remedy rich in antioxidants, banaba may help keep blood sugar in check and control diabetes.

Get the lowdown on chaga, a medicinal mushroom often touted for cancer prevention.

What is Wild Cherry Bark?
As cold season sets in, get the science behind this popular cough remedy.

What is Olive Leaf Extract?
A natural remedy rich in antioxidants, olive leaf extract shows promise for keeping your blood pressure in check.

Lemon Balm
Long used as an herbal remedy for stress, lemon balm may help fight off cold sores and ease the effects of Alzheimer's disease.

What is Pau D'Arco?
Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, pau d'arco is said to rev up the immune system and stop cancer. Get the science behind this antioxidant-rich herb.

Cha De Bugre
Learn all about cha de bugre, a rainforest-sourced remedy said to help you shed pounds.

What is White Willow Bark?
What is white willow bark? Why do people use it? Find out more about this herbal remedy, said to help ease pain.

What is Larch Arabinogalactan?
A fiber-substance sourced from larch trees, larch arabinogalactan may help rev up your immune response.

What is Black Walnut?
Get the lowdown on black walnut, a natural remedy said to curb your cholesterol and fend off heart disease.

What is Blood of the Dragon?
Sourced from a South American tree, blood of the dragon shows promise as a natural solution for cancer prevention.

Information about the herb peppermint.

What is Yarrow?
Long used in herbal medicine, yarrow may help keep your blood pressure in check and boost your defense against heart disease.

What is Miracle Fruit?
Find out about the health benefits of miracle fruit, also known as miracle berry.

What is Comfrey Ointment?
Find out about the healing benefits of comfrey ointment.

What is Enteric-Coated Peppermint Oil?
Find out about the benefits of enteric-coated peppermint oil.

A natural remedy long used in herbal medicine, graviola may combat cancer but harm your nervous system.

What is Cissus Quadrangularis?
Find out about the benefits of the herb cissus quadrangularis.

Find out more about echinacea, an herbal remedy often used for warding off colds and flu.

Prunella Vulgaris
An herb found to fight viruses, prunella vulgaris may help fend off cold sores and genital herpes.

Find out about the benefits of the herb motherwort.

What is Blessed Thistle?
Find out more about blessed thistle, an herb said to strengthen immune function and stave off colds.

What is Wormwood?
Learn more about wormwood, a herb that shows promise in the treatment of the digestive disorder known as Crohn's disease.

What is Catnip?
Find out more about catnip, an herb said to promote sleep and ease stress.

What is Crocus Sativus?
Crocus sativus, also known as saffron, may help you curb your cravings and cut back on snacking.

Bupleurum is a herb used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Find out more about this herb which shows promise as a natural therapy for depression and anxiety.

What is Viburnum?
What is viburnum and what are the benefits of using it? Find out more about this remedy.

What is Wild Lettuce?
Once used as an alternative to opium, wild lettuce may possess stress-easing, pain-relieving properties.

What is Poria?
A mushroom long used in traditional Chinese medicine, poria shows promise for strengthening your immune system and staving off disease.

What is Asparagus Extract?
Research shows that asparagus extract can help fight high cholesterol, as well as protect against diabetes.

What is Arjuna?
An ayurvedic herb with antioxidant power, arjuna may help beat high blood pressure and keep your heart happy.

What is Butea Superba?
Learn more about Thai herb Butea superba, found to boost erectile function in tests on animals.

What is Shepherd's Purse?
An herb said to stop heavy bleeding, shepherd's purse is often touted as a natural remedy for easing menstrual pain.

What is Blue Cohosh?
Learn about the potential risks of blue cohosh, an herb long used to boost women's health.

What is Bishop's Weed?
A lesser-known herbal remedy, bishop's weed contains compounds that may help treat such skin disorders as psoriasis and vitiligo.

What is Wild Indigo?
Rich in compounds thought to strengthen the immune system, wild indigo is said to rev up your defense against colds and other common ailments.

What is Cassava?
Most commonly known as the plant source of tapioca, cassava shows promise as a natural cancer-fighter.

What is Hyssop?
An antioxidant-packed herb often taken in tea form, hyssop may help fight asthma and keep blood sugar in check.

What is Red Raspberry Leaf?
What is red raspberry leaf? Find out more about this herbal remedy said to protect against pregnancy-related health troubles and make labor easier.

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