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Cathy Wong, ND

Alternative Medicine September 2004 Archive


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Natural Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

Tuesday September 28, 2004
Do you, or someone you know, have high cholesterol? Are you interested in learning what the alternatives are? Dietary changes are the first step. Some people need more than diet ... Read More

What's Behind Depression? A Holistic View of Emotions

Tuesday September 28, 2004
Do you ever get angry or stressed and notice a bitter taste in your mouth or get dry or twitching eyes? Or do you have problems sleeping, suffer from depression, ... Read More

Change of Season Soup

Monday September 20, 2004
Fall and winter make up the the internal, or "yin" time of the year, a time for recharging and nurturing yourself and retreating to quieter, internal pursuits. For many people, ... Read More

How to Do a Fall Detox (with TCM Tips)

Monday September 20, 2004
In traditional Chinese medicine, fall is associated with the lung and large intestine meridians, which are major pathways of the elimination of toxins and waste.  The lungs, in traditional Chinese ... Read More

How to Make Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

Monday September 20, 2004
Chemical cleaners do much to undermine our health and environment. Many of you have written to me asking about alternatives to home chemical cleaners. Here are some of my favorite ... Read More

Which Healing Diet is Right For You?

Monday September 13, 2004
The metabolic typing diet, the macrobiotic diet, the Zone diet...there are so many diets out there, it can be hard finding the right one for your unique needs. This easy ... Read More

Popular Health Diets

Monday September 13, 2004
Learn about popular health diets for optimal health, weight loss, vegetarian and vegan diets, and more. Description of each diet and information about the pros and cons of each diet. ... Read More

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