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Cathy Wong, ND

Wild Lettuce: A Natural Sleep Aid?

By December 23, 2013

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In the 19th century, physicians often used wild lettuce to promote sleep and alleviate pain. Now, the herbal remedy is sometimes used as a natural solution for insomnia. Rich in compounds called lactucin and lactucopicrin, wild lettuce is thought to possess sedative properties that may help you sleep more easily.

One of the few studies on wild lettuce and its health effects is a 2006 report from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. In tests on mice, the study's authors found that lactucin and lactucopicrin may help promote sedation (as well as relieve pain). However, research on the health effects of wild lettuce in humans is currently lacking, and there's some concern that the herb may cause such side effects as dizziness and difficulty breathing.

For help in getting a good night's sleep, consider trying calming herbs like valerian, winding down with relaxing music, or using sleep-enhancing aromatherapy remedies like lavender oil.

Read the entire article on wild lettuce.

December 24, 2013 at 3:52 pm
(1) Shu Arvilla says:

I like camomile tea, essential oils and negative ions

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